Mommy’s Here is a unique fabric bracelet that transfers mom or dad’s scent to the baby’s bottle.

Babies know and recognize the smell of their parents
and are comforted by it.

Benefits of Mommy's Here

Parent’s scent reduces pain and anxiety in babies and helps with bonding.
Babies are comforted and soothed by the smell of their parents.
Mommy’s Here is useful for working parents as wells as moms who are transitioning their babies from breast to bottle.

Mommy’s Here is easy to use

  • Wear the bracelet on your wrist or place it inside of your bra for a few hours.


  • Transfer it to the neck of your baby’s bottle when needed.


  • Your baby will smell you and be comforted by it when having a bottle, even when you’re not around!

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Mommy’s Here Bracelet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Mommy's Here Bracelets?

  • Babies are calmed by the smell of their parents.

  • Parent’s scent reduces pain, stress and anxiety in babies.

  • The sense of smell also helps create and maintain a bond between baby and parent.

  • Mommy’s Here helps transition babies from breast to bottle.

  • Mommy’s Here is comforting to moms, dads and babies.

  • Mommy’s Here lets you feel connected to your baby when you’re at work or away.

  • Best of all, Mommy’s Here can be used by dads.

How to use our Bracelets:

  • Wear the bracelet on your wrist for a few hours. If you’re a mom, you can also place it inside your bra until it picks up your scent.
  • When needed, transfer the bracelet to the neck of the baby’s bottle with the the white bamboo fabric facing the outside.
  • The bracelet will release your scent and your baby can smell you when having a bottle.
  • Your scent is comforting to the baby and can help with bonding and transitioning to the bottle.

What kind of bottle do I need in order to use Mommy's Here?

Mommy’s Here bracelet is adjustable and designed to fit straight neck baby bottles as well as most wrists.

How do I wash Mommy's Here?

To prevent shrinkage, we recommend that you hand wash the bracelets and let them air dry.

What are our bracelets made out of?

  • A soft bamboo fabric lines the inside of the bracelet.​

  • Bamboo fabric was picked specifically because it is soft, absorbent and antimicrobial.

  • The outside of our bracelets are made out of colorful cotton fabric to showcase your unique personality. Our bracelets are also available in solid colors.