Our Story

Hi there,

My name is Saunaz.  I’m a mom to three beautiful kids, a wife and an inventor. My family and I live in Northern California. My passion in life is invention and creation, especially baby/children products.

I came up with my invention, due to my own struggles with the baby bottle.
About a year and a half ago, I had to go back to work and my baby struggled taking a bottle. The thing was she wasn’t used to the bottle since she was breastfed. She cried and fussed every time I tried to give her one. I tried a few different bottle, but nothing seemed to help

In my despair, I started to think. What if my baby could smell me when I wasn’t there? 

I knew for a fact my daughter recognized my scent. I remember the nights where I would walk into the bedroom and no matter how quiet I would try to be, she would start crying, wanting to be fed again because she smelled me.  

I thought to myself, would a mom or dad’s scented bracelet help transition the baby to the bottle and help her calm down? 

I was desperate to find out. I used some old fabrics I had around the house and made my very first  bracelet to try out on her. I was lucky that my husband was off for 2 weeks after I returned to work.

With the help of the bracelet and my husband doing the feeding, my baby was able to transition to the bottle smoothly. It took a little over a week for her to completely adjust. But I’m happy to say Mommy’s Here helped.

Since then, Mommy’s Here has helped many moms transition their babies to the bottle. It has also helped moms who are going back to work and have some separation anxiety. And best of all, dads have been have been using them as well.


I hope Mommy’s Here helps you like it helped me. Looking forward to hearing your comments and feedbacks!

And please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions 🙂