So we have a little dog named Snowie. He's about 9 or 10 years old now. We adopted him when he was about a year old.

He's a cream/beige colored chihuahua mix. Snowie is a good little dog even though, at times I get annoyed by him.


What happened to Snowie was really sad and unfortunate and scary but in a weird way, it was also nice. And what I mean by nice is that it brought me closer to him. When we first got Snowie, we didn't have any kids. We were too young adults with lots of time and energy. So he was like out first born. We did everything with Snowie and for Snowie. We took him with us to trips, to dog parks and sometimes even restaurants. He got a lot of treats, toys and clothes from the pet store. And more importantly, he got a lot of love and attention from us.

But after having 3 kids, things started to change little by little. When you have 3 little kids, a family and you also work, you sometimes don't even have enough time for yourself. And unfortunately, your little dog sometimes comes last. You still walk him and feed him, but he doesn't get the same amount of love an attention he used to get. He doesn't go to dog parks that much and he hasn't been on a family trip with you in a long time. His daily walks are there but they're much shorter.

So, I have to admit, I haven't been the most attentive mom to Snowie since my son (my second child) was born. But watching Snowie whimper in pain brought a lot of old and sweet memories back and rekindled my love for him. It reminded me of a what a sweet little dog he is. He barks sometimes and wakes up the kids, but he's a dog after all and that's what dogs do. They protect their families. He might have been better off with a family where they had no young kids, but I know that he loves us and he also loves the kids. And we love him too.

I for one have made a promise to pay more attention to Snowie and give him more love. After all, life is short and he's getting old. Besides, he's a sweet innocent little dog and he deserves our love and attention. I'm hoping to take him to the dog park one of these days when there's no rain, just like the old days. I'm sure he would love that!


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