I’ve been nursing my baby since she was born both during the day and night. However, eventually the night wakings began taking a toll on me and I needed my husband to help feed our first baby. That was when we realized that even though my husband was excited to help, my baby was having none of it.

With the help of other mothers, I tried all kinds of bottles – plastic, glass, stainless steel, of all brands, including Mimijumi, Dr Browns, Pigeon, Evenflo and more, but my baby was not happy. We couldn’t tell what was wrong and tried having me do the feeding or my husband without me. Still, she wouldn’t have any bottled milk.

When I heard about Mommy’s Here, I knew I had to try it. I was prepared for it to fail because everything else had not worked.

When it arrived in the mail, I began wearing it around my wrist as instructed. Two days later, my husband and I decided to try feeding the baby with a bottle. We used a glass bottle, I put some fresh breastmilk on the Mommy’s Here band, and handed it to my husband on the bottle of breastmilk and left the house.

I returned two hours later to a sleeping baby and guessed that she had cried herself to sleep. I found her sleeping on my husband, who later told me that it took a while but our little one did finish the bottle of milk, something she had never done before.

To be sure it was the band, we tried bottle feeding again two days later with the same procedure, without Mommy’s here, and she did not drink the milk, until the band was placed on the bottle after being scented with fresh breastmilk.

I’m happy to be able to get some rest, my husband is happy to help out and my baby is still being fed. I advice parents who are having a hard time bottle feeding babies to try out Mommy’s here instead of buying more baby bottles.